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Drizzile - 056/202 - Sword & Shield (Base Set)
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Drizzile - 056/202 - Uncommon
Drizzile - 056/202 Sword & Shield Uncommon

Drizzile - 056/202 - Uncommon

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Series:Sword & Shield
Set:Sword & Shield Base Set
Card Number:056/202
Card Type:Pokemon
Stage:Stage 1
Evolves From:Sobble
Evolves Into:Inteleon
Health Points (HP):90
Pokemon Type:Water
Ability:Shady Dealings
When you play this Pokemon from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon during your turn, you may search your deck for a Trainer card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
Attack 1:Water Drip : 30 damage
Weakness:Lightning x2
Retreat Cost:1 colorless energy
Artist:Naoki Saito

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