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Arcanine - 18/108 - Rare - PoTown TCG
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Arcanine - 18/108 - Rare
Arcanine - 18/108 - Rare XY Evolutions Pokemon TCG Card

Arcanine - 18/108 - Rare

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Pokemon Card Name: Arcanine
Series: XY
Set: Evolutions
Card Number: 18/108
Card Type: Pokemon Card
Rarity: Rare
Finish: Regular
Stage: Stage 1
Evolves From: Growlithe
Health Points (HP) : 130
Pokemon Type: Fire
Ability: Burning Road
Once during your turn (before your attack), if this Pokémon was on the Bench and became your Active Pokémon this turn, you may move any number of Fire Energy attached to your Pokémon to this Pokémon.
Attack 1: Scorching Breath : 150 damage
This Pokémon can't attack during your next turn.
Weakness: Water ×2
Retreat Cost: 2 colorless energies
Artist Ken Sugimori