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XY Breakthrough Pokemon Booster Box - Prisma TCG
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Breakthrough Pokemon TCG Booster Box
Pokemon TCG XY Breakthrough Booster Box

Breakthrough Pokemon TCG Booster Box

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Pokemon TCG XY Breakthrough Booster Box
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This infamous XY era set was the first set to introduce BREAK evolution cards to the world of Pokemon! BREAK evolution cards were a secondary form of evolution that allowed extra attacks and abilities to the previously evolved Pokemon. BREAK evolution Pokemon are very powerful and some have some amazing qualities and alternative options when compared to just using the one prize previous evolution Pokemon. Some powerful Pokemon BREAK cards from this set include Zoroark BREAK, Chesnaught BREAK, and Raichu BREAK! Zoroark BREAK was a stand out BREAK card in this set thanks to its previous evolution Zoroark having such a great attack in “Mind Jack”, and the BREAK being able to use it’s attack for only one dark energy. Zoroark BREAK’s Foul Play attack was very crucial in being able to copy opposing Pokemon’s attacks and applying a ton of pressure for just a single energy. This set is also very well known for its very powerful one prize Pokemon and trainer cards such as Octillery, Gallade, Raikou, and Float Stone. One very crucial supporter card was also in this set that most decks when Tapu Lele GX came out played. If you guessed the one and only Brigette then you were right! Brigette is seen as a regular art and full art in this set and is still used today as one of the best set up support cards for evolution decks. When paired with Tapu Lele GX, Brigette becomes even more optimal as you have an easier way of finding it on the first turn of the game. This set is packed full of amazing cards for you to expand your collection and improve your competitive deck! The Pokemon XY: BREAKthrough expansion has over 164 individual cards to collect and play with! Each box contains 36 XY: BREAKthrough, which each contain 10 cards per pack. Upgrade your Pokémon TCG collection today by picking up the complete BREAKthrough booster box!

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