1. Pokemon TCG Mystery Box - 10x Booster Packs
Pokemon TCG Mystery Box - 10x Booster Packs
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Pokemon TCG Mystery Box - 10x Booster Packs

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You will be getting 10 random Pokemon TCG Packs.  These are pre-packaged by us, so we can not guarantee what packs you will receive when you order.  

The Standard mystery box will contain packs from the following sets: 
Vivid Voltage Darkness AblazeRebel Clash
Sword & Shield Base Unified Minds Detective Pikachu 
Lost ThunderCelestial StormForbidden Light
Ultra PrismCrimson InvasionGuardians Rising
Sun & MoonSteam SiegeFates Collide
BreakpointBreakthroughRoaring Skies

Premium Mystery Boxes will include 3x random premium packs from the list below, and 7 standard packs from the list above

Champion's PathCosmic EclipseHidden Fates
Unbroken BondsTeam UpDragon Majesty
Shining LegendsBurning ShadowsEvolutions

When you purchase 2 or more mystery boxes, you will also receive a free random promo card as a little bonus :) 

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