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Rebel Clash Pokemon Booster Box - Prisma TCG
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Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Booster Box
Rebel Clash Booster Box

Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Booster Box

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Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Series: Rebel Clash Booster Box
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The secondary set in the Sword and Shield era features even more powerful Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX cards! Some of your favorite Pokemon from the Galar region including Dragapult VMAX, Boltund V, Cooperajah VMAX, and Eldegoss V all show their strengths in this new set. The most popular card in this set, Dragapult VMAX, has been doing well in the competitive scene ever since it’s release! This card is great thanks to it’s high 320 HP and its amazing attack, “Max Phantom”, which dishes out 130 damage with the additional effect of placing 5 damage counters anywhere onto your opponent’s bench. This card also goes great with other cards from this set such as Horror Energy, and Scoop Up Net. Horror energy can deal ou extra damage to your opponent’s active Pokemon if they damage your Dragapult VMAX, and Scoop Up Net can reuse amazing non V or GX Pokemon played in a typical Dragapult VMAX deck such as Jirachi to reuse stellar wish, Mewtwo to reuse a supporter card, Oranguru to use it’s ability an additional time, Giratina to discard special energies off of your opponent’s Pokemon, and Zigzagoon to reuse its ability to continue to spread damage counters all around your opponents board. This set also has some other very powerful Trainer and Special Energy cards such as Boss’s Orders, Tool Scrapper, Speed Energy, and Twin Energy. All these new cards are bound to cause a big splash in your Pokemon TCG Online experience and help you become the best trainer around! The Pokemon Sword and Shield: Rebel Clash expansion has over 190 individual cards and 16 brand new V and VMAX cards to collect and play with! Each box contains 36 Sword & Shield: Rebel Clash booster packs, which each contain 10 cards and 1 basic Energy per pack. Upgrade your Pokémon TCG collection today by picking up the complete Sword & Shield: Rebel Clash booster box!

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