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Sun & Moon Base Set Pack Break - PoTown TCG
  1. Sun & Moon Base Set Live Pack Break
Sun & Moon Base Set Live Pack Break
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Sun & Moon Base Set Live Pack Break

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Welcome to Live Pack Breaks!  The best way to get cards you want for the cheapest prices. We keep all commons, uncommons, the energy and the code from the pack.  You also have the ability to have us keep the rares and the holo cards as well to maximize the price on your opening!  Here is what you get:

  • All Ultra Rare Cards
  • Any Cards $2+ in value
  • (Optional) Non-Holo Rares
  • (Optional) Reverse Holos and Holo Rares
The live opening will happen on at the date/time mentioned on this listing.  Please be there on time.  Packs will be opened in the order that they were received.  If you haven't liked/followed/subscribed to the page yet, please do that now so you're alerted when Live Pack Breaks take place.

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