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Sword & Shield Pokemon Booster Box - Prisma TCG
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Sword & Shield Pokemon TCG Booster Box
Sword & Shield Base Set Booster Box

Sword & Shield Pokemon TCG Booster Box

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Sword & Shield Booster Box
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This amazing set kicked off a new era in the Pokemon TCG featuring the first look at the new Pokemon from the Galar Region! This set has some amazing new cards such as the new type of cards, Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX, and some incredible trainer cards to help make your deck function. These powerful new V and VMAX cards such as Zacian V, Zamazenta V, Tapu Koko V, and Snorlax VMAX all have lots of HP and access to really powerful attacks! Zacain V is the highlight from this set and has been dominating competitive Pokemon TCG tournaments ever since its release! Zacian V works in two different ways as either a draw support Pokemon because of it’s amazing ability “Intrepid Sword” which draws you 3 cards, and as an attacker with Zacian’s impactful “Brave Blade” attack which does a surprising 230 damage! One of the best VMAX Pokemon from this set is the one and only Lapras VMAX! This giant water beast has a great attack “G-MAX Pump” that does more damage for each water energy attached to the Lapras. That attack pairs very well with another card from this set, Frosmoth, with its ability “Ice Dance” can attach as much water energy as possible to a Pokemon on the bench! This set also has a new Pokemon that can help draw through your deck as fast as possible with Cinccino’s “Make Do” ability that is reminiscent of the unstoppable Zoroark GX’s “Trade” ability. Some new helpful trainer cards from this set also include Quick Ball, Professor’s Research, Metal Saucer, Crushing Hammer, Evolution Incense, Energy Switch, Switch, and Marnie to help power up your Pokemon, slow down your opponent, and draw through your deck as fast as possible! The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion has over 216 individual cards and 14 secret rare cards to collect and play with! Each box contains 36 Sword & Shield booster packs, which each contain 10 cards and 1 basic Energy per pack. Upgrade your Pokémon TCG collection today by picking up the complete Sword & Shield booster box!

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